"Very 2018 rock, it fits in to the wave we’re seeing at the moment at the height of the alternative scene"

Reyt Good Magazine


VAN DER NEER play soul soaked rock music. This York based quartet, formed in 2015, comprises the talents of Simon Snaize (Vocal and Guitar), Stuart Fletcher [The Seahorses, Happy Mondays, St. Etienne] (Bass), Dave Hartley [Hijak Oscar] (Drums) and Carl Hetherington [Hijak Oscar], (Keys/Guitar). The songs effortlessly blend retro and contemporary rock influences. There are riffs that would make Jimmy Page blush, rhythms that groove like a night at Stax and Beatlesque melodies that turn round your brain for days. Imagine Dave Grohl on drums, James Jamieson on bass, Jimmy Page on guitar, Jon Lord on keys,  and Paul Rodgers on vocal, playing songs written by Queens Of The Stone Age for an audience that loves The Raconteurs and Black Keys.


"All the airs of a 70's supergroup without the infighting" - Yellow Mustang Photography


Stuart Fletcher, bass player and resident funk meister, is no stranger to success; he found fame in the mid-nineties alongside John Squire in The Seahorses, counting amongst his achievements: headliner on the main stage at Glastonbury;  support slot with The Rolling Stones and an album produced by Tony Visconti. Dave Hartley, drummer and bone rattler, and Carl Hetherington, Ivory smasher and keyboard player, found the limelight when they, and the band to which they belonged, Hijak Oscar, hit it big on Channel Four’s Mobile Act Unsigned, earning an interesting, 'you're all scary, my God I love you', quote from floppy haired Blur bassist Alex James. That opportunity offered them exposure to a wide audience which they were able to capitalise on and use to play to large crowds across the country. Simon Snaize has only flirted with fame but he’s hoping for more than a one-night fling. He found success as a producer in Santa Fe, New Mexico, winning awards in the NMMA three years running as well as writing rock, pop, jazz, country and classical compositions for himself and others.


"The band to bring rock music back into the mainstream again" - York Calling


The band’s potent mix of styles comes from Stu’s love of everything funky, Dave’s love of everything heavy, Carl's infatuation with Beyonce and Simon’s unhealthy obsession with The Beatles. Their music combines all of the individual influences of the quartet, but within the music is an alchemical reaction that creates something that is far more than the sum of its parts; what is created, is what one reviewer termed ‘soul soaked rock music’. There is a definite tip of the hat to rock greats such as Cream and Zeppelin in the powerful riffs and drive of the songs, but within the songs run serpentine melodies more reminiscent of Royal Blood or The Foo Fighters. It is retro without being dated, contemporary without being derivative, and it displays a musical competency that highlights something new in the music upon repeated listening. Get some Van Der Neer in your ears.